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Good news for Marie Audrey

18.11.2022 - Children
Marie Audrey's nails are finally pink! You don't understand the symbolism of this good news? We explain it all to you.




We met Marie Audrey during our mission to Yaoundé, Cameroon, last March. Originally from Douala, the little girl had traveled several hours by bus with her father to meet the Association's cardiopediatrician. Marie Audrey is smiling, but the symptoms of her heart disease are visible: she is very cyanotic, her mouth and fingers are bluish in color, and she gets out of breath at the slightest effort. Marie Audrey suffers from transposition of the great vessels.

On his return to France, our team had his case studied by the medical staff, who decided to treat him quickly. At the age of 4, is it already too late to operate? To find out, we decided to bring her to France to carry out additional tests that would be impossible in her country.

And finally, Marie Audrey underwent successful heart surgery at the end of September at the Marie Lannelongue Hospital near Paris.


During several weeks of convalescence with her foster family, she regained her strength, appetite and energy... no more cyanosis, no more mixed blood, Marie Audrey regained her natural pink hue. This highly symbolic color marks the end of 4 years of illness and worry for her parents, and the start of a new life for this little ray of sunshine.