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Operate the world's children with heart disease

This is Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque's main mission, because cardiac surgery is imperative to save children with serious heart disease who are unable to undergo surgery in their own country.
Operating theatres

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  • 4,500 children

    supported since 1996

  • 12 000 €

    the fixed cost of an operation

  • 13

    partner hospitals

You can't tinker with the heart children

In many countries, equipment and technical facilities are scarce or non-existent, and parents lack the financial resources to fund heart surgery for their children.


It is to make operations possible for these young patients that Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque fights every day. To repair their hearts, we organize for them to come to France or Switzerland, and we finance the surgeries in partner hospitals that offer the optimum conditions we would wish for our own children.

Partner hospitals

Our hospital centers

We partner 11 hospitals in France and 2 in Switzerland.

In France, child surgery can be very expensive, but it is covered by Social Security. For the foreign children we operate on, we benefit from packages negotiated with the hospitals for an average cost of €12,000.

  • Angers

    Children undergo surgery at Angers University Hospital


    Pr Christophe Baufreton, chef de service et chirurgien cardiaque

    Dr Vincent Bournazel, cardiologue

  • Bordeaux

    Children undergo surgery atHôpital Haut-Lévêque / CHU de Bordeaux


    Pr François Roubertie, chirurgien cardiaque pédiatrique

    Professor Bertrand Leobon, pediatric cardiac surgeon

    Dr Jean-Benoit Thambo, Head of Cardiopediatrics Department

  • Geneva (Switzerland)

    Children undergo surgery at the HUG in Geneva


    Dr Tornike Sologhasvili, chirurgien cardiaque pédiatrique

    Professor Maurice Beghetti, Head of the Cardiopediatrics Department

    Dr Julie Wacker, cardiopédiatre

    Dr Maya Bouhabib, cardiopédiatre

    Dr Hugues Lucron, cardiopédiatre

    Dr Vladimir Cousin, cardiopediatrician

    Dr Léonce Mwizerwa, cardiopediatrician

  • Lausanne (Switzerland)

    Children undergo surgery at CHUV du Vaud


    Dr Reza Hosseinpour, chirurgien cardiaque pédiatrique

    Dr Nicole Sekarski, cardiopédiatre

    Dr Stefano Di Bernardo, cardiopédiatre

  • Lyon

    Children undergo surgery atHôpital Louis Pradel - CHU de Lyon


    Pr Jean Ninet, chef de service et chirurgien cardiaque

    Pr Roland Henaine, chirurgien cardiaque pédiatrique

    Dr Thomas Perouse De Montclos, cardiopédiatre

    Dr Claire Bertail Galoin, cardiopédiatre

  • Marseille

    Children undergo surgery atTimone Hospital


    Pr Virginie Fouilloux, chef de service et chirurgien cardiaque pédiatrique

    Prof. Loice Mace, pediatric cardiac surgeon

    Dr Marien Lenoir, chirurgien cardiaque pédiatrique

    Dr. Célia Gran, chirurgien cardiaque pédiatrique

    Dr. Caroline Ovaert, cardiopédiatre

    Dr. Florent Paoli, cardiopédiatre

    Dr Sylvie Schouvey, Cardiopediatrician

  • Nantes

    Children undergo surgery at Nantes University Hospital


    Dr Mohamed Ly, chirurgien cardiaque pédiatrique et chef de service

    Pr Olivier Baron, chirurgien cardiaque pédiatrique

    Dr Pierre Maminirina, chirurgien cardiaque pédiatrique

    Prof. Alban Baruteau, Head of the Cardiopediatrics Department

    Dr Bénédicte Romefort, cardiopédiatre

    Dr Nadir Benbrik, cardiopédiatre

    Dr Céline Grunenwald Gronier, Cardiopediatrician

    Dr. Quentin Hauet, cardiopediatrician

    Dr Solène Prigent, cardiopediatrician

  • Paris

    In the Paris region, children undergo surgery atHôpital Marie Lannelongue - Groupe Hospitalier Paris-Saint Joseph in Le Plessis-Robinson (92).


    Dr Emre Belli, chirurgien cardiaque pédiatrique et chef de service

    Dr Joy Zoghbi, chirurgien cardiaque pédiatrique et chef de service

    Dr Régine Roussin, pediatric cardiac surgeon

    Dr. Sébastien Hascoet, Head of the Cardiopediatrics Department

    Dr Jérôme Petit, cardiopediatrician

    Dr. Clément Batteux, cardiopediatrician

    Dr Isabelle Van Aerschoet, cardiopediatrician

    Dr Lisa Guirgis, cardiopediatrician

    Dr Sarah Cohen, cardiopediatrician

    Dr. Jelena Radojevic-Liegeois, cardiopediatrician

    Dr Alice Maltret, rhythmologist


    After their operation, the children go to the Côtes Pediatric Center for a period of convalescence.


    Manager: Sylvain Thimotée

    Dr Issam Kammache, head of department and cardiopediatrician

    Dr Vincent Lucet pediatric cardiologist

    Dr. Dominique Breton, pediatrician

    Dr. Laila Rivard, pediatrician

    Dr Hervé Ngayap, cardiopediatrician

    Dr Francis Perreaux, pediatrician

    Dr Ba Lu Truong, cardiopediatrician

    Dr Claire Foray, cardiopediatrician

  • Saint-Denis de La Réunion

    Children undergo surgery at the Saint Denis University Hospital - Hôpital Félix Guyon


    Prof. Bernard Kreitmann, pediatric cardiac surgeon

    Dr. Gilbert Dubois, chirurgien cardiaque pédiatrique

    Dr. Jean Bernard Selly, cardiopédiatre

    Dr Yael Levy, intensive care physician

  • Strasbourg

    The children are cared for at Strasbourg University Hospital


    Dr. Philippe Billaud, chef de service et chirurgien cardiaque pédiatrique

    Pr. Laurent Bonnemains, chef de service et cardiopédiatre

    Dr. Jeanne Bordet, cardiopédiatre

    Dr. Catherine Olexa-Zorn, cardiopédiatre

    Dr Virginie Bois, cardiopédiatre

  • Toulouse

    Children undergo surgery at Toulouse University Hospital


    Pr. Gérard Fournial, chef de service et chirurgien cardiaque pédiatrique

    Dr. Davide Calvarurso, chirurgien cardiaque pédiatrique

    Dr. Yves Dulac, cardiopédiatre

  • Tours

    Children undergo surgery at the CHRU in Tours


    Dr Paul Neville, chirurgien cardiaque pédiatrique

    Dr Jean-Marc El Arid, chirurgien cardiaque pédiatrique

    Dr Bruno Lefort, cardiopédiatre

    Dr Natalie Soule, cardiopédiatre

  • Lille

    Children undergo surgery at Lille University Hospital


    Prof. Francis Juthier, head of department and cardiac surgeon

    Dr Jérome Socquet, pediatric cardiac surgeon

    Dr Jean Benoit Baudelet, cardiopédiatre