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Follow children operated on for life

Once the operation has been completed and the child has been discharged, he or she joins our "Good for Kids" follow-up program, an essential procedure that ensures regular medical and social updates throughout the child's life.
Child follow-up

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  • + More than 3,200 children monitored

    under postoperative supervision

  • 50+ beneficiaries

    annual emergency medical assistance

The follow-up program "Good For Kids

How is the child doing? Is he receiving his treatment? Answers to these questions are essential, because even after surgery, heart disease cannot be considered cured, except in rare cases.


To ensure a child's post-operative follow-up, it is vital that parents are made aware of its importance. This is why the Association has created the "Good for Kids" follow-up passport. Designed with illustrations, so that it can be understood by all, it was rolled out in 2023. It promises to improve the quality of the information collected, and facilitate exchanges between the patient's parents, the doctor following them and our medical team.

Follow-up passport

The help ofemergency medical

In order to take the best possible action and optimize the children's medical care, we have set aside a budget to finance medical check-ups, reimburse travel expenses to consultations and send boxes of medicines.

This financial contribution is aimed at the most disadvantaged families, for whom it is impossible to cover the costs associated with their child's medical care. The aim is to ensure that the financial aspect does not act as a brake, so that these children grow up in the best possible conditions.

Emergency medical aid