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Because of their illness or lack of means, some children with heart disease have not had the chance to follow a normal schooling. To support them once they have undergone surgery and returned home, we have set up a Sponsorship program. By going to school, these children finally discover the joy of having friends, of playing, of socializing, of learning, of studying, of learning about life... It's a new beginning!
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A job case by case

Educational Sponsorship is supervised by a team of volunteers at the Association's head office, is generally financed by host families and is carried out by volunteers abroad who work daily to pay school fees, check up on children, collect report cards and pass on information to the team in France. They are all highly committed, and sometimes have to deal with complex situations to set up the sponsorship and obtain regular news to pass on to the godparents.

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We operated on Nanie Agathe in 2008, at the age of 6. Back in Madagascar, her parents were unable to pay her school fees. The sponsorship team awarded her a scholarship that has served her well from kindergarten through to higher education. Today, Nanie Agathe is a young adult of 21, very grateful for the help she has received.
Nanie Agathe

Dear Sponsors, since kindergarten my school fees have been taken care of. In 2021, I passed my baccalaureate, and sponsorship gave me the chance to continue my university studies. I chose the "International Commerce" stream. My goal is to graduate. My parents and I thank you so much for everything you've done for me.

Nanie Agathe

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Sponsorship team

Sponsorship team

School sponsorship for children undergoing surgery parrainage@mecenat-cardiaque.org