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Tour de France: 20th anniversary and 21 children saved!

23.07.2023 - Events
This 2023 edition has been exceptional, as we celebrate 20 years of presence on the Tour de France. Two decades that have enabled us to save 358 children's hearts thanks to our fund-raising activities on the event, and soon 21 more little hearts, operated on thanks to this 2023 edition.

For children, Le Tour de France becomes Le Tour de la Générosité! Since the start in Bilbao, we've mobilized all our energy to reach our goal: to raise enough money to provide heart surgery for 21 children around the world in 21 stages.

To achieve this, we need to be relentless, to redouble our imagination and to rely on the generosity of our partners and the public.





Tour de la Générosité with tombola

New this year, to celebrate our anniversary on the Tour de France, we're organizing a big "1 bike for a life" raffle. You have until the end of the month to try your luck and win €2,000 to buy the bike of your dreams.
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The Tour de la Générosité in the advertising caravan

Every year our caravan gets better and better, and we can say that it looks great with its 5 vehicles, including the car carrying our giant bear in a cyclist's jersey and "La Tronquinette", a giant collection box, embellished with a coin, to spread our message on the roads.

Being part of the caravan comes at a cost, but we are fortunate to be able to count on a great outpouring of generosity that allows us to keep costs to a minimum:





The Tour de la Générosité with E.LECLERC

Since 2019, E.LECLERC has been mobilizing for children with heart disease during the Tour De France with the "Sommets du Cœur" event: in a friendly atmosphere, the public is invited to pedal on a funfair attraction that resembles a mountain carousel. At the end of the Tour de France, E.LECLERC translates all the efforts made into donations.



The Tour de la Générosité at l'Étape du Cœur

On July 7, our ambassadors gave of their time and good humor on this high-profile stage, which helps to raise the Association's profile in the media. Sportsmen and women, TV presenters, journalists, Koh-Lanta adventurers, comedians... they all donned their jerseys in the Association's colors and pedaled the 42 km of the 7th stage, between Cadillac-sur-Garonne and Bordeaux, in a collegial atmosphere.



Relive this incredible day in pictures



The Tour de la Générosité during l'Étape du Tour

More than 280 Coureurs du Cœur set off on their bikes from Annemasse to Morzine during L'Étape du Tour de France on July 9.
After collecting their solidarity bibs and covering 157 km, they can be proud of having met an exceptional sporting challenge and a concrete solidarity challenge: to provide 14 children with life-saving heart surgery.

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The Tour de la Générosité with Domitys

For the 3rd edition of the "10 Bornes Domitys " challenge, residents of senior residences cycled a few kilometers of the Tour's route. For some of them, who hadn't cycled for several years, the challenge was considerable, but they all encouraged each other to cross the finish line and unlock the most beautiful of rewards: a donation of €24,000 from Domitys to finance surgery for 2 children.

A big thank you to A.S.O, organizer of the Tour de France, without whom we would not be able to collect during the event, and to all the partners who support us on this occasion. Together, we have raised enough money to provide heart surgery for 21 children around the world.

The tour is over, but the adventure continues: until July 30, join our team of volunteer caravanners on the roads of the Tour de France Femmes with Zwift!

Photos: ©Dream Art Media / ©Remi Blomme