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Meet Tudor, one of the first children cared for by Association

20.10.2021 - Children
Last month, we had the pleasant surprise of receiving a visit from Tudor, one of the first children to be treated by Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque, and more precisely the 82nd. Originally from Moldavia, he was two and a half years old when he was operated on in 1998 by Professor Francine Leca. Now an adult, he is learning French and tells us in his own words about his memories and his experience with the Association.






"My story began at birth. I was born in 1996 with a heart defect, and in those years there was no possibility of doing such heart surgery in my country because of the qualification of the doctors. My parents had the opportunity to save my life thanks to Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque. I arrived in France at the age of 2, without my parents, and was operated on with incredible success by Dr. Leca.

22 years later, I decided to return to France to see the people who gave me a second chance in life and to thank them for what they did for me. My host family Magali and Boris, and Doctor Leca.








Tudor and his host family

It was very difficult for me to find them, as I only had their names and no address where I could find them more easily. I started working here and came across someone who was interested in my story. A man to whom I gave all the data I had and he helped me by communicating with me in English as I didn't know French very well. One day, like a miracle, he suggested I meet the host family!

I can tell you that it's very hard for me to concentrate right now to tell a lot of interesting details in French but I want to say to the whole team that I adore you for what you do and I only wish you success in saving children wherever you do a noble thing."

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