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News from Djiboutian children

06.01.2023 - Humanitarian missions
During our mission to Djibouti from October 12 to 20, we were delighted to see 38 patients who had already undergone surgery as part of their medical follow-up. Among them Meido, Raga and Shamsadine, who are doing wonderfully well!





What a pleasure to see Meido again, now a beautiful, blossoming young woman!

More than 10 years after the surgical closure of his CIA in Paris, we can say that Meido is cured.

At 25, she is now an assistant accountant for a private company. She and her boyfriend were anxiously awaiting a consultation with our cardiopediatrician to confirm that they could start a family without risking Meido's health.

We wish them all the best!






Having undergone IVC surgery in Tours in 2018 at the age of 7, Raga had been well cared for by her foster family and particularly by Charlie and Zoé, her two sisters at heart, with whom she was very close.

During the mission, we found her with her little sister! She has grown into a lovely, fit 11-year-old girl who works well at school and whose favorite subject is French.






Our little Shamsadine is all grown up! Having had his Laubry Pezzi operated on in Toulouse at the age of 12 in 2017, he now has a superb cardiac result and his life ahead of him.

"I'd like to become a pilot and don't worry, I'm doing really well in maths! I'm also very happy to finally be able to take part in sports classes," he told us. We're very confident about Shamsadine's future, and he came for his consultation accompanied by his father, who is very grateful to the association and is fully behind his son's projects.



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