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2 operations for one life transformed!

10.04.2020 - Children
At the age of 4, Haithem is a little boy with a unique ventricle, purplish complexion, blue lips and shortness of breath. Everything changed when our association took him in in 2003 to put this dysfunctional heart back on its feet.

When he first came to France, he underwent an operation that enabled him to grow up and lead a quiet life. Algeria's youngest baccalaureate graduate, Haithem was already in his 3rd year of pharmacy when he returned in 2019 for his second surgery (studies he would later abandon to develop his interest in computing). A few months after this second operation, Haithem writes to us after finally being able to play a soccer match with his friends.




"I was so happy when I hit the first ball that I can't describe how I felt. As I played, I remembered what Dr Kammach (the doctor at Château des Côtes) and Professor Leca had said to me: 'You do what you want, but don't forget the disease'. I tried to find out what limits I could feel in terms of pain and shortness of breath, but I didn't feel anything; in fact, I played the matches without any shortness of breath.

 I remember all those days when another operation was still out of the question, when I thought I'd have to live with these physical limitations for the rest of my life. Even after applying for the visa, I was still unmotivated, believing that the surgery wouldn't make much difference to my situation. I thought that for me my life would be like this and that I had to accept it. Now I remember what I could do with these limitations...

Today, a new life begins, but was it really a life at all???

Finally, it's thanks to God, to Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque, to my foster families and to my mother, who always believed in me even when I was desperate, that I'm able to really live.

Thank you "

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