Training programmes adapted to the needs of doctors who come from the same country as the children

More than 500 doctors trained in 28 countries thanks to a training program adapted to their needs

The development of physician training aims to improve the quality of care for children. This desire to go further and closer to children is part of the genesis of Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque 's mission: to enable all the world's children to benefit from technological advances and to offer them a quality of care that we would like for our own children.

The association Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque and the Francine Leca Foundation finance these training programmes. Under the aegis of the Caritas Foundation, the Francine Leca Foundation is entitled to receive tax-deductible donations from the IFI.

Discover our training programmes:


. Learning to diagnose

. Comprehensive, useful and practical training in cardiopediatrics

> 50 courses on mobile application


. Learn in depth about heart disease and ultrasound.

. Specific and technical training

> Videoconferencing for groups of 100 doctors


. Learning from patients with complex cases

. Training based on specific issues

> Private lessons by video conference, in the presence of the patient


. Learning from clinical to diagnostic

. Comprehensive training accessible to all levels

> In vivo learning in a small group alongside an expert doctor


. Learn ultrasound with an "expert" programme

. Advanced training for experienced cardiopediatricians only

> One week internship in France in a hospital with training on a machine

To go further


Training 5/5

More than 500 doctors from 28 countries are training on this programme

"Why this title? Because it is symbolic.

In the Aeronautics and Navy, it means that the message sent is received loud and clear!

Prof. Francine LECA

Launched in March 2020 and funded entirely by the Boston Scientific Europe Foundation, the '5/5 Training' aims to provide simple, practical, memorable and free paediatric cardiology education for use by any carer with an interest in the discipline. Each course consists of 5 modules, one-to-one videos with the training doctors, instant quizzes, review sheets and a toolbox to allow learners to easily find course materials. Teaching is gradual and highly visual, in the form of short 5-minute videos. The combination of videos and digital diagrams allows forgreater interactivity and understanding by learners.

All the teachers are renowned specialists in congenital heart disease, including Pr Francine LECA, founder of the Association. The diversity of speakers allows a variety of consultation styles for a better engagement of the learning physicians.

The 5/5 Training consists of 3 programmes:

- The Global Programme, launched in March 2020, consists of 21 courses divided into 3 categories: general paediatric cardiology, echocardiography and major pathologies.

- The Expert Programme, launched in November 2020, consists of a series of 15 practical cases, presented on video by Prof. Francine Leca. This "case by case" study phase confronts learners with concrete cases of congenital heart disease. It allows them to test their knowledge and to make a critical analysis, both in terms of therapy and diagnosis.

- The Advanced Programme, launched at the beginning of 2021, consists of 15 courses and focuses on more technical notions. This programme is aimed at learners wishing to consolidate their skills and increase their competence.

The story of little Mamadou

Dr Mamadou DIALLO, a cardiologist in Guinea Conakry,is among the first to be enrolled in the 5/5 Training Course. Registered in March 2020, he assiduously follows the different programmes.

With his new knowledge, he was able to detect Mamadou's disease and send us his file for an operation in France.

We are very happy that this transmission of knowledge is bearing fruit and that Mamadou has been able to get his second wind!


Master Class

Specific and technical training on pathologies and echocardiography.

This specific and technical training, 100% in videoconference, is dedicated to pathologies and echocardiography.

Reserved for a limited number of participants, these live sessions are also an opportunity for participants to ask questions while learning in depth about paediatric cardiology. The Master Classes are a privileged face-to-face meeting with the teachers of the 5/5 Course.



4 tele-expertise sessions each month between the referring doctors in Africa and the doctors in France

The objective of the "E-consultAction" project is to enable remote medical collaboration through a digital exchange space between the (African) referring doctors and our consulting doctors in France. The tele-expertise sessions aim to accelerate the exchange of information, clarify diagnoses and facilitate decision-making in the most complex cases.

This project was therefore initiated in March 2021. The tele-expertise started with an initial pilot and developed in a " 100% digital" approach with a trained paediatrician equipped with a "Lumify" ultrasound machine (donated by the Phillips Foundation ). The pilot consisted of live, remote, collaborative ultrasound sessions. Thanks to the "Reacts" application (integrated into Lumify), the pilot doctor - Pr David Chelo, referent in Yaoundé / Cameroon - was able to consult a patient and share ultrasound images in real time with the referent doctors on site and consulting doctors in Paris.

This project was eventually extended to 12 doctors from 8 different countries (Benin, Burundi, Cameroon, Congo Brazzaville, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritania and Central African Republic). These sessions were carried out with cardiologists and paediatricians who are either equipped with a Lumify/Reacts or a normal ultrasound scanner (with images being transmitted via Teams/Zoom).

These sessions accelerated the exchange of information through technology by discussing and clarifying diagnoses of complex cases.

Today, about 4 tele-ultrasound sessions are performed each month, and we are collaborating with a growing number of doctors around the world.

The story of little William

David Williams, 4 years old, is a little boy from Cameroon. Diagnosed as a priority by one of our corresponding doctors, we decided by mutual agreement to organise a tele-ultrasound to refine the diagnosis.

Through this collaborative session, we decided to take on little David Williams. David Williams underwent surgery last October and has since returned home with a healed heart.



One week practical training in hospitals in France for 4 doctors

Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque has created and run an intensive face-to-face training course in paediatric cardiology since 2006 to train hundreds of doctors from the countries from which the young patients operated on by the Association come. More than 130 doctors have completed this training. This highly successful approach has led to a significant improvement in patient care.

Some of these doctors are highly motivated but lack resources and practice, especially in paediatric echocardiography.

With this training know-how, and with the lessons of the covid-19 pandemic, it seems important to train doctors practising outside the capitals in cardiac ultrasound in order to facilitate the patient's journey.

This one-week practical training in France at the hospital is reserved for experienced cardiologists. 4 grants will be awarded in 2022.


A new victory for the 5/5 Formation!

The "5/5 Training" is a mobile-learning application designed to train the world's doctors in cardiopediatrics. Launched in March 2020 by Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque, the application is enjoying growing success and has just been awarded a prize at the Mobile Learning Awards 2021 organised by Teach on Mars.

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Training 5/5

Training 5/5: launch of the Advanced Program!

The "5/5 Training" of Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque is an application that allows all doctors (cardiologists, paediatricians, general practitioners, etc.) throughout the world to receive free training in cardiopediatrics to enable better management of children with heart disease. Given the success of the application, and in the continuity of the Global Program and the Expert Program, we are launching the Advanced Program at the beginning of this year.

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