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"Operating from the Heart for the world's children

Operating in the best conditions on children from disadvantaged countries with heart defects

Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque Enfants du Monde enables children with heart defects from underprivileged countries to undergo surgery in France when this is impossible in their own country due to lack of technical or financial resources. Hosted by volunteer host families in 9 cities in France, more than 4000 children have been taken care of since the creation of the Association in 1996 by Pr. Francine Leca.

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One in 100 children worldwide is born with a heart defect

Worldwide, 1 child in 100 is born with a heart defect. Other children develop heart disease as a result of infections. Whether infectious or congenital, these diseases are highly disabling and often fatal. Cardiac surgery is often the only way to save children with heart disease. However, these operations use advanced medical techniques that are extremely expensive.

In many countries, it is impossible to perform these operations due to a lack of equipment, skills or financial resources. It is for the children of these countries, who cannot benefit from the operation that would save their life, that Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque fights daily, allowing them to be welcomed and operated on in France. 

The long journey of children

Professor Francine Leca with a child

"Mécénat began in 1996 from a very simple observation: we have in our hands a "magical" power, that of knowing how to repair hearts and thus give a second life to so many children. But this surgery is very expensive and out of reach for so many people around the world. The money can be found. There is so much generosity, it just needs motivation! »

Prof. Francine Leca

FOUNDER OF Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque

Guinea 2022 Mission

Return on our 1st mission in Guinea!

The Association organizes on average 4 to 6 missions abroad per year. Some are "follow-up missions", when we go to countries we have been to before, and others are "discovery missions", when we send a team to a country we have never been to before. This was the case for the mission to Guinea from November 25 to December 1, 2022.

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News from Djibouti's children

During the mission to Djibouti, which took place from October 12 to 20, we were very happy to see 38 patients who had already been operated on as part of their medical follow-up.
Among them Meido, Raga and Shamsadine who are doing wonderfully!

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20 children will be operated on thanks to the Big Christmas Sale!

Partners, volunteers, public... You are very numerous to have made this Great Christmas Sale a great success! We have done everything possible to ensure that the ingredients that make the event a success are present. We will now do everything possible to ensure that the money collected will allow us to save the lives of 20 children with heart attacks.

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