Prof. Francine Leca, founder of the Association, offers you 5-minute videos to learn all about the functioning of the heart and cardiac malformations. Several themes will be addressed, illustrated and commented on; knowledge and experience that Prof. Leca wishes to share with you, as this approach to transmission has always been at the heart of her vision of medicine.

Francine Leca explains in video the heart malformations:

First a little word about the anatomy and physiology of the heart. Don't be frightened by these words! The heart is a simple organ, but you still need to know how it is made and how it works! We all studied it at school; I will give you a brief reminder.

Then we will see what is called anatomo-pathology, i.e. the "defects" that occurred before birth during the manufacture of this little heart.

From these anomalies you will easily understand what is wrong and how it manifests itself clinically.

Finally, of course, we will see the most frequent heart diseases, the ones whose names you hear over and over again without always understanding the ins and outs.

Let's start with the anatomy and physiology of the heart!

Intracardiac Anatomy - #1

Affiliated and Efferent Vessels - #2

Blood circulation - #3

Traffic - #4

The 3 types of heart defects - #5

The 2 families of congenital heart disease - #6

Shunt - #7

Ventricular Interventional Communication - #8

Extracorporeal Communication - #9

Atrial septal defect - #10

Diagnosis of the Cardiac Child - #11

Tetralogy of Fallot 1/2 - #12

Tetralogy of Fallot 2/2 - #13

Cardiac Catheterization - #14

Interventional Cardiac Catheterization #15

Aortic coarctation - #17

Transposition of large vessels 1/2 - #18

Transposition of the large vessels 2/2 - #19

History of Cardiac Surgery 1/2 - #20

History of Cardiac Surgery 2/2 - #21

Air travel of the child with heart disease - #22

Mitral insufficiency - #23

Etiology - Epidemiology - #23bis

Single Ventricle - #24

Operating Room - #25

The lung in congenital heart disease - #26

Electricity of the Heart - #27

Cardiac Embryology - #28

Atrioventricular channel - #29

Hypothermia - #30

Common Arterial Trunk - #31

Treatment of Congenital Heart Disease - #32

Aortic Shrinkage - #33

Becoming congenital heart disease operated on - #35

Fetal Cardiology - #36

Find every day the little "À cœur ouvert" topos of Prof. Francine Leca.

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This 2023 edition has been exceptional, as we celebrate 20 years of presence on the Tour de France. Two decades that have enabled us to save 358 children's hearts thanks to our fund-raising activities on the event, and soon 21 more little hearts, operated on thanks to this 2023 edition.

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