Foundations and Endowment Funds

You can help us save children

3 high-impact projects :

Operating on children with heart disease

Worldwide, 1 child in 100 is born with a heart defect. By financing their heart operation in France, you are offering them a second birth.

Developing our E-Health projects

Mobile learning, E-consultation, 3D Heart printing... E-Health at the heart of the Association's development projects to diagnose and save even more children.

Financing medical missions

The Association regularly carries out of missions in the 70 countries of origin of the children. They enable the diagnosis of pathologies requiring treatment.

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Philips Foundation

The Philips Foundation has been supporting since 2017 by funding medical missions to the children's home countries and donating state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment.


Funecap Foundation

Funecap Foundation, a funeral services and infrastructure group, has been working with Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque since 2009 to finance heart surgery for underprivileged children. More than 110 children have already been saved thanks to their generosity.


Boston Scientific Foundation

Since 2019, the Boston Scientific Foundation has been funding part of the "5/5 training" application, which is a cardiopediatric training program for all physicians worldwide.


Samse Foundation

In 2020, the Samse Foundation has chosen to support Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque and to participate in the financing of an operation for a child with heart disease.


Bel Foundation

The Bel Foundation's employees are mobilizing within the framework of "employee scholarships". A dynamic, close-knit team committed to saving a child's life.


René Fournier Foundation

The René Fournier Foundation, sheltered by the Fondation de France, supports actions in favour of unhappy children. It has chosen to help in 2020 by financing the operation of a child suffering from serious heart malformations.


Henri Lachmann Foundation

Every year, the Henri Lachmann Foundation finances the operation of 3 underprivileged children with a heart condition.


Sodebo Foundation

In 2020, the Sodebo Corporate Foundation, as part of the Vendée Globe, chose to support the Association by making a financial donation, which enabled it to take over the operation of Mael, a three-year-old Burkinabe boy.


Optimind Foundation

The Optimind Foundation supports general interest projects of all kinds selected by the Optimind teams.

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