Welcoming a teenager: the story of Elvis

Elvis and his host family

At Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque we do not only operate on young children. Our branch in Angers is even specialised in the care of adolescents. To understand what it's like to take in a "big kid", we asked Florence, Elvis' foster mother, to tell us about the stay of this 16 year old Ivorian boy with her family.

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A mother's words

Naylah Simone

There are no words sweeter than those of a mother. This is why we were very touched to receive a letter a few days ago from the mother of little Naylah-Simone. We wanted to share this testimony with you because it helps you understand how parents feel when the diagnosis is made and their only chance to see their little heart saved is to let it fly to France.

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Meeting with Tudor, one of the first children taken care of by the Association

Tudor and Prof. Francine Leca

Last month, we had the pleasant surprise of receiving a visit from Tudor, one of the first children to be treated by Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque, and more precisely the 82nd. Originally from Moldavia, he was two and a half years old when he was operated on in 1998 by Professor Francine Leca. Now an adult, he is learning French and tells us in his own words about his memories and his experience with the Association.

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Moïse's welcome, a beautiful life lesson for the whole family!


Fostering a child is a big adjustment for our volunteer foster families. They all agree that children bring a lot to them, more than they bring to the children. This is the case of Nadège and her children Camille (19 years old), Alice (16 years old) and Maria (9 years old), who received little Moïse in their home for 2 months. At the age of 5, this little Burkinabé was for them a beautiful example of courage and wisdom.

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Dan Ruben, a kid we've been following for eight years...

Dan Ruben and Genevieve

Our medical team works all year round to obtain news of the children in care since the creation of the Association in 1996. It is sometimes a real investigation that has to be carried out to find the children who are the furthest away from the big cities or who do not have access to modern means of communication. And it is always a joy to know that, thanks to their operation, they are growing up normally and healthy!

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