Dr Tatiana Ouedraogo from Burkina Faso, training at the Association

As part of our pediatric cardiology training program, we welcomed for the second time one of our correspondent physicians for a one-week echocardiography internship in France.

What is Echo-Training?

This program is aimed at doctors who have already proven themselves in our other training programs and who wish to deepen their knowledge of pediatric cardiology, with particular emphasis on echocardiography. It takes the form of a week's practical training in France, alongside expert paediatric cardiologists.

For the Association, the aim is to enable doctors who work in close proximity to vulnerable populations, in sometimes remote areas, to enhance their practical skills, enabling them to better diagnose and monitor their patients with congenital or acquired heart disease.

Dr Ouedraogo's training

After welcoming Dr. Patient Muhindo from the DRC in October 2022, we were delighted to welcome Dr. Tatiana Ouedraogo to the Association on June 12.

Dr Ouedraogo is a cardiologist practicing at the University Hospital in Ouahigouya, a town of 70,000 inhabitants in northern Burkina Faso, 200 km from the capital Ouagadougou. 

A graduate in adult cardiology, she diligently followed our online training course in cardiopediatrics because she wanted to have all the tools she needed to manage small patients with heart disease. 

"Formation 5/5 was a real pleasure, a springboard and a great source of fulfillment for me. I've come out of it better and with a passion for cardiopediatrics. Before the training began, I was apprehensive about having children in consultation and now I prefer it."

To perfect her knowledge, we offered her the opportunity to improve her echocardiography skills during a week-long internship. Thus, from June 12 to 16, 2023, she had the chance to learn alongside several renowned cardiopediatricians who collaborate with the Association. The aim was for the doctor to gain practical experience of pediatric echocardiography by performing as many examinations as possible, trying to see the most frequent pathologies several times, and less frequent pathologies at least once.

An intensive week of immersion at the Association and in our partner branches:


After meeting our teams, Dr Tatiana Ouedraogo took part in several pre- and post-operative consultations in the Association's consultation room in Paris. She was accompanied by Dr Marielle Gouton, cardiopediatrician and Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque consultant physician.

Tuesday and Wednesday

She went to theMarie Lannelongue Hospital where children undergoing surgery in the Paris region are treated. Warmly welcomed by the congenital heart disease team, she met Dr Régine Roussin, Dr Isabelle Van Aerschot and Dr Lisa Guirguis. She accompanied the team of cardiopediatricians into the department for two days, where she performed numerous echocardiograms, enabling her to see a multitude of cases, from newborns to adults.


En route toLouis Pradel hospital in Bron in Lyon, in the cardiopediatrics department where children cared for by the Association undergo surgery. Accompanied by Dr Marielle Gouton, she was welcomed by part of the medical team headed by Pr Roland Henaine. It was a busy day for our doctor-in-training, who was able to carry out 14 consultations and ultrasounds in a single day.


The internship week ended with a morning of consultations at the Center Pédiatrique des Côtes alongside two cardiopediatricians and medical advisors to the Association, Dr Issam Kammache and Dr Vincent Lucet. The day ended at the Association with a moment of exchange and her graduation.

Dr. Tatiana Ouedraogo has improved her echocardiography skills by performing over 50 cardiac echograms. We hope to strengthen our collaboration with her in the future, and will be continuing her training through another training program, "e-consult'Action ", to improve the care of our children.

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