Cardiopedic Training: DRC Doctor First to Participate in Echo Training!

Since March 2020, we have been building a training program in pediatric cardiology for doctors around the world, in the form of an e-learning platform. This program is part of our commitment to improve the quality of care for children by enabling foreign doctors to receive free training in this specialty.

Our referral doctors abroad play a vital role in identifying children with heart defects and preparing referral files. It is therefore essential that they make accurate diagnoses and provide us with reliable information. To help them do this, we have first created a free, remote, downloadable and smartphone-based pediatric cardiology training program (program entitled " Training 5/5 ").

In a second phase, we have created a new module, called "Echo-Training", which is aimed at doctors who have proven themselves in the "5/5 Training", chosen by the medical staff of the Association to come and deepen their knowledge of echocardiography during a one-week practical training course in France alongside expert cardiopediatricians.

Dr. Patient Muhindo, the first doctor to benefit from Echo-Training

Dr. Patient Muhindo is a general practitioner from North Kivu, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He practices at the Ntamugenga referral health center, about 70 km north of Goma, in a remote area where it is difficult to evacuate patients due to lack of road infrastructure. As a result, he trained in essential surgery in remote areas and in general ultrasound. In addition, as there is no cardiologist, and even less a cardiopediatrician in his facility, he wanted to train in pediatric cardiology thanks to the 5/5 training courses .

Very assiduous and motivated to improve his skills, he started practicing pediatric cardiac ultrasound as a self-taught person. Today, he performs between 7 and 10 pediatric cardiac ultrasounds per month and has already detected several children who have been treated by the Association. 

A very rewarding week of intensive training

This week of practical training was held from October 10 to 14. The objective was for the doctor toacquire practical experience of pediatric echocardiography and to perform as many examinations as possible, trying to see the most frequent pathologies several times, and at least once the less frequent pathologies. 


Monday, October 10th

After a warm welcome at the Association's offices and a meeting with the teams, Dr. Muhindo participated in several pre- and post-operative consultations in the Association's consultation room in Paris. He was accompanied by Dr. Marielle Gouton, cardiopediatrician and consulting physician of Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque. 


Tuesday, October 11th

Head for the C.H.U of Nantes in the cardiopediatric department where the children taken in charge by the Association are operated. Doctors Muhindo and Gouton were welcomed by Professor Olivier Baron, pediatric cardiac surgeon , and the medical team led by Professor Alban Baruteau, cardiopediatrician. A rich and exciting day for our doctor in training who was able to practice alongside a friendly and dynamic team. 


Wednesday, October 12th

Dr Muhindo was received at the Centre Pédiatrique des Côtes, the convalescence center for children operated on in Paris. On the program, many consultations, in the morning with Dr Issam Kammache who is also a consultant for the Association, and in the afternoon with Dr Hervé Ngayap, both cardiopediatricians.


Thursday, October 13th

During the morning, Dr. Muhindo practiced ultrasound with Dr. Gouton in his office at the Montsouris Institute. The afternoon was devoted to pre- and post-operative consultations at the Association, again with Dr. Kammache.


Friday, October 14th

The week of training ended with a morning of consultations at the Centre Pédiatrique des Côtes with Dr Vincent Lucet, cardiopediatrician, rhythmologist and also member of the Association. 

Over the course of 5 days, Dr. Muhindo learned new skills, showed great willingness and interest in learning. He was delighted with the ease with which he acquired new knowledge, thanks to the trainers' "learning by doing" methodology. 


We were also very happy to give him his diploma before he left, and we are now counting on him to diagnose children in his country for the Association.

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