Tour de France: 21 children can be operated on!

Since 2003, we have been lucky enough to be a partner of one of the biggest sporting events in France: the Tour de France. Through various fundraising operations, we have already provided heart surgery to 337 children around the world. Thanks to this edition, 21 additional children will soon be able to benefit from a second wind.

In order to finance heart surgery for sick children, we once again went on a fundraising trip on the roads of the "Grande Boucle". The objective of "La Grande Collecte du Tour de France" was to save 21 children in 21 stages. That is to say, to collect 21 times 12 000 €, the average cost of a heart surgery for the children we take care of. To achieve this goal, there is only one watchword: "Every donation counts".

Every donation counts in the solidarity caravan

This year, our solidarity caravan welcomed a new festive vehicle, "La Tronquinette", a giant collection trunk that allowed us to amplify our message to the public. The caravan now has 5 vehicles led by a team of volunteers. From the vehicles to the goodies, including the outfits of the caravaneers and the accommodation, a large part is offered or lent to us by our kind-hearted partners who allow us to be present in the caravan every year.

Every donation counts with E.Leclerc

Since 2019, E.Leclerc has been mobilizing for children with heart disease during the Tour De France with the "Summits of the Heart" event: in a friendly atmosphere, the public was invited to pedal on a fairground attraction that resembled a mountain carousel.

At the end of the Tour de France, all the efforts made were translated into a donation by E.Leclerc.

Every donation counts during the Heart's Stage

They are top sportsmen, Koh Lanta adventurers, actors, models, journalists... on Friday, July 15, they donned a jersey in the colors of the Association during the "Étape du Cœur". In good humor and laughter, our super team of ambassadors pedaled 30 km between Le Bourg d'Oisans and Saint-Étienne and thus made the cause of the Association shine in the media during the Tour de France. They gave of their precious time, and through their social networks they also invited their community to participate in La Grande Collecte.

To close this stage in beauty, Saint-Etienne Métropole presented a check for 36 000 € to the Association. The sum will allow 3 children to be operated on, and has been added to La Grande Collecte.

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They were present in this beautiful and supportive peloton:

Maeva Coucke (Miss France 2018) - Richard Virenque and Roger Legeay (cyclists) - Claude Dartois, Laurent Maistret and Dorian Louvet (Koh-Lanta adventurers) - Paul Belmondo and Dounia Coesens (actors) - Satya Oblette (model) - Sandy Héribert (journalist and TV host) - Sarah Ourahmoune and Charlotte Lembach (Olympic athletes) - Laurent- Eric LELAY (Director France Tv Sport)

Every donation counts during the Stage du Tour

More than 260 amateur cyclists took the start of the Stage du Tour with a solidarity bib on Sunday, July 10, and what they accomplished was incredible:

- A sporting feat: they cycled for 167 km with more than 4,700 meters of cumulative positive altitude difference between Briançon and Alpe d'Huez, a mythical stage!

- A feat of solidarity: to collect together 144 000 € which will finance the operation of 12 children with heart disease, a record for this event!

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Every donation counts with Domitys

From May 30 to June1, residents of the Hauts-de-France Domitys from Hauts-de-France took up the challenge of covering a few kilometers of the 2022 route. It was a big challenge because if they succeeded in crossing the finish line, Domitys would donate €12,000 to Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque. Equipped with electric bikes, the participants shared this experience with their friends and family and Bertrand Thevenet, two-time winner of the Tour de France and sponsor of the operation. The challenge was met with flying colors! Their efforts will help save 1 child's heart as part of La Grande Collecte.

Every donation counts to save 21 children's hearts

Many thanks to A.S.Othe organizer of the Tour de France for allowing us to collect during the event. Thanks to the donations of the public, the partners, the companies which collected and the communities hosting the race, we succeeded in taking up this challenge! THANK YOU to all, it is a beautiful victory that we share with you.

Beware, stay tuned! For the first time, the Tour de France adventure does not stop on the Champs-Elysées! We are very happy to continue our journey with the solidarity caravan on the first edition of the " Tour de France Women with Zwift "!

Photos: ©Dream Art Media / ©Remi Blomme / ©Alexandre Bagdassarian

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This 2023 edition has been exceptional, as we celebrate 20 years of presence on the Tour de France. Two decades that have enabled us to save 358 children's hearts thanks to our fund-raising activities on the event, and soon 21 more little hearts, operated on thanks to this 2023 edition.