Mission Cameroon: news from the children!

Remember, from 26 March to 3 April, a team from Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque went on a mission to Yaoundé, Cameroon. Each day, the team met two types of patients in the consultation room: children waiting for a diagnosis, and others, already operated on, as part of their follow-up. Today, we give you news about 4 of them!

At Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque, we attach great importance to following up the children who have been operated on for life. During the mission we saw 82 little hearts already operated on. Among them Lionelle, Simon, Abdoulaye and Adrien Noé who are in great shape and have grown up well.


When Lionelle arrived, we immediately recognised the sweet little girl we had taken in 3 years earlier. Following her heart operation in 2019, Lionelle had been the star for a day, during a photo shoot organised for the needs of the Association. Since then, her photos have been used for communication purposes, notably on a poster that the team had hung in the consultation room. Lionelle immediately recognised herself and it was a nice surprise for her and her mother!

The good news for the team was that they were healthy.


What a transformation for Simon! In 2008, we had taken care of a 9 year old boy and we saw a 23 year old man again on mission. Simon had been operated on by Prof. Francine Leca herself and we have heard from him regularly since. His operation results are so good that we did not ask him to come for a consultation during the mission. However, following the broadcast on Cameroonian television of a report on the Association's visit to Yaoundé, Simon and his mother wanted to come and thank the team.

Simon will take his baccalaureate at the end of the year and wants to study psychology. We wish him every success!


When Abdoulaye arrived in Lyon in 2019 for heart surgery, his worried mother wrote to us about his delayed development compared to his healthy twin sister. During the mission in Cameroon, Constance Beyler, the team's cardiologist, checked his heart and confirmed that everything was fine.

Abdoulaye is now in second grade, working well, and is very happy to have the same life as her twin sister.

Adrien Noé

Adrien Noé was a small shrimp weighing only 4.6kg when we took him into care in 2015 at the age of one. His heart disease was causing him to be very short of breath, preventing him from eating properly and gaining weight. During his convalescence, Adrien Noé had already gained 2kg but what a joy to see him completely transformed today! His heart condition will probably require a second operation, which is why we are following this young boy very closely.

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