Le Mans 24 Hours 2022: a symbolic milestone has been reached!

We are very proud that Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque is the official association of the 24 Heures du Mans. Since 2009, we have carried out various fundraising operations during the event to finance operations for children suffering from heart defects. This year, we have relaunched La Grande Collecte des 24 Heures du Mans and have stepped up our efforts to reach our goal of "breaking the 100 barrier", i.e. crossing the symbolic milestone of 100 children saved in 13 years of partnership.

Following the previous edition, the total number of children operated on thanks to our presence at the event amounted to 93. This was enough to give us the furious desire to strive to reach the symbolic milestone of 100 children saved!

This iswhy we redoubled our efforts and imagination to set up numerous collection actions:
- A stand dedicated to the Association, in the heart of the circuit village, run by a great team of volunteers. Each person making a donation on the stand received a "heart-stick" to stick on the car Ligier JS P3 car. At the end of the weekend, the car, covered with stickers, testified to the success of the event and the mobilisation of the public.

- A CSR activation aimed at the public to take up a solidarity and connected challenge during the event: walking for the benefit of children with heart disease
- A massive operation to sell shopping bags in 21 shops in the Mancelle and Centre regions Carrefour in 21 stores in the Mancelle and Centre regions
- Co-branded products in the official shops of the 24 Hours of Le Mans products sold in the official shops of the Association
- Media visibility on a national scale with the Fondaction l'Équipeand locally with Ouest France
- The Association's logo on the Panis Racingteam's car

- A Wall of Fans to buy a plaque in his name in aid of children with heart disease.

All of these actions have enabled us to pass the milestone of 100 children saved since 2009! A magnificent success that we celebrated on the stand in the company of our partners, the pilot ambassadors and Noah, a young Burundian aged 9, accompanied by his host family.

Noah, who recently underwent heart surgery in Nantes, was present throughout the weekend of the event. It was a real daydream for this young boy who had the opportunity to access the Panis Racing stand and get into the car, to approach all the other cars competing on the circuit, to do the parade with the drivers...

We would like to warmly thank our partners for their loyalty and generosity. We would not have been able to pass the 100 barrier without their indispensable support: theAutomobile Club de l'Ouest, Carrefour and Carrefour Market, the Fondaction l'Équipe, Graphi Concepts, IEvent, Ligier, Panis Racing, Camerus, Match Event, Sitco, ABP 72 and Media6.

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Photos : ©Ovni Labz

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