More than a host family, a family with a heart

We use the term "foster" family, but any family that has taken in a child could describe to you the very strong bond they have forged, a bond of the heart. Exaucée's family is a good example.

Exaucée was born in November 2018 with Laubry Pezzi, a complex pathology that was impossible to operate on in her country, Côte d'Ivoire. This twist of fate has brought its share of difficulties to this little girl and her parents, but fate has also put extraordinary people in her path, such as her host family.

Anna and Krzysztof live in Strasbourg, one of the 9 branches of the Association, with their three children Kuba (12), Maja (10) and Filip (7). For them, fostering a child was a family project in which they all feel very involved. After a first fostering in spring 2021, they embarked on the adventure again a few months later. And this is how they met Exaucée.

"As soon as she arrived in France, we were lucky because Exaucée immediately felt at ease and confident with us. Each of our children found their place and created a bond with her. They spent all their time together! Sometimes I feel that my children took more care of Exaucée than Krzysztof and I did.


Indeed, Exaucée naturally became the little sister of the family. She was very well looked after during her operation and everyone was very attentive. Once she had recovered and was in great shape, a wind of happiness and good humour blew over the house: every morning she woke up her brothers and sisters with kisses, in the evening she waited for them to come out of school by jumping into their arms, at the weekend they did many activities together... Exaucée even discovered the joys of playing in the snow with them!

To end this wonderful holiday on a high note, the girl had a wish. She wanted a picture of herself to be hung on the family's photo wall. Shortly after her departure her wish was "granted".

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