New record for the Runners for the Heart in 2021!

Each year, more and more people join the great team of the Coureurs du Cœur. They are sportsmen, adventurers or simply want to raise funds through a personal project, and they never cease to impress us with their audacity, courage and determination. In 2021, we are very happy to have been able to operate on 28 children thanks to them!

Helping to save children's hearts is the leitmotiv of everyone who opens a fundraising page in favour of the Association. In 2021, we have loved following the hundreds of solidarity projects that have been created. Here are a few examples.

Patrice rowed an ocean to save a heart

Patrice launched his collection as part of the Atlantic Rowing Challenge project. Accompanied by 4 other people, he rowed from Portugal to French Guiana, that is to say more than 6,000 km in 52 days!
Patrice made this crossing as a tribute to his sister, who had heart surgery performed by Pr Francine Leca when she was a child.

Not only did Patrice and his team break a world record, but he also raised enough money to finance the operation of little Salem (7 years old, Democratic Republic of Congo), whom he had the pleasure of meeting at the Association's offices.

The Auvergnats du Cœur are as motivated as ever

" The Auvergnats du CœurLes Auvergnats du Cœur" is an association founded by two friends, Thibaut and Nouredinne, which was created in 2019 and which donates 100% of the money collected to Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque. From their native Auvergne and surrounded by a great team of volunteers, they multiply solidarity events to collect funds. In 3 years they have raised €12,000, the amount needed to operate on a child with a heart condition. In 2022, they are starting again with the same fundraising objective, but this time they would like to reach it in one year!

Hugo and Valentin's crazy challenge!

They have known each other for many years and have embarked on the adventure of kayaking down the Sarthe from Le Mans to Saint-Nazaire, a distance of 280 km. It was a personal challenge, but also one of solidarity! Their fundraising page enabled them to collect the equivalent of €3 per kilometre travelled and even more! Thanks to this amazing duo, 1400 € were donated to the Association.

Frederic the Biking Man

For his second sports project in favour of children with heart disease, Frédéric set the bar high! He went to Kirgyzstan to take part in the "Silk Road Moutain Race", a 1,800 km bicycle race with a positive difference in altitude of over 30,000 m, all in 14 days! His double challenge was successful: finishing the race and exceeding his fundraising target. Thanks to Frédéric, €2,415 was donated to the Association.

Fabrice climbs Kilimanjaro... or almost!

What a crazy idea! For hissecond challenge for the benefit of children, Fabrice decided to climb a 1.5m high structure, and thus reproduce the positive difference in altitude of Kilimanjaro (5,895m), i.e. climb up and down these 8 steps 7,860 times in a maximum time of 12.5 hours!

Incredibly, he succeeded in his challenge and raised €1,300.

We couldn't highlight all the projects that took place in 2021, but we would like to warmly thank all the Coureurs du Cœur who gave their hearts so that these 28 children could be operated on. Among them, little Mael, aged 2, from the Ivory Coast. Born with a heart defect, his heart operation was offered to him thanks to the creation of all these collections and the generosity of the donors... It is fantastic !

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