A new victory for the 5/5 Formation!

The "5/5 Training" is a mobile-learning application designed to train the world's doctors in cardiopediatrics. Launched in March 2020 by Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque, the application is enjoying growing success and has just been awarded a prize at the Mobile Learning Awards 2021 organised by Teach on Mars.

The Mobile Learning Awards awards the best mobile-learning courses, carried out using the latest technology, every year. Teach on Mars. We are honoured to have been awarded the 'Most Engaging Mobile Learning Course of the Year' in 2021 for our efforts in deploying mobile learning.


The project has proven to be an innovative and relevant solution to ensure the continuity of training for doctors in the countries concerned, since on average 1 new doctor every day gains access to knowledge in cardiopediatrics.

As a result, 5/5 Training now has more than 440 learners in 27 different countries !

If the application is so popular, it is firstly because we have designed it to be simple, useful and practical in order to facilitate its accessibility, and secondly because we have been able to count on a network of ambassadors and sponsors who have largely contributed to its notoriety.

One and a half years after the launch of the 5/5 Training, the indicators of success are green:

- The deployment rate rate among doctors is 94%.

- The average progression rate in training is 92%.

- The average training time per doctor is 34 hours.

These figures are very encouraging and demonstrate the usefulness of such training, especially in the most rural areas of the world where cardiopedics is sometimes non-existent.

Figures for September 2021

Beyond the quantitative results, we pay a lot of attention to the qualitative aspect of teaching by communicating with the learners and listening to them.

This relationship of trust coupled with the quality of the courses provided on the course has enabled us to achieve good satisfaction rates:

- • 100% of learners say they will recommend the course to their colleagues.

- • 97.4% of learners stated that they had applied this new knowledge in their daily professional practice.

- • 100% of the learners declare that they have improved their knowledge in paediatric cardiology.

A big thank you to the jury for this award which motivates us even more to continue in this way!

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