A double challenge to save hearts

On Tuesday 21 September, our partner Happy Culture organised an exceptional operation for the benefit of children with heart disease. The aim was to finance the operation of children with heart disease through a double challenge, sporting and digital.

Sports challenge: make your heart beat for the children's

It was at the foot of the famous stairs of the Montmartre hill in Paris thatHappy Culture had given an appointment to the public for a meaningful challenge: to make your heart beat for the children by climbing the 200 steps of the grand staircase. For each ascent, our partner donated 150€ to theAssociation. Influencers, Koh-Lanta adventurers and Olympic athletes were present to animate the challenge and encourage the participants.

In a collegial atmosphere, the public was made aware of the Association's cause: climbing 200 steps, whether walking or running, causes breathlessness similar to that experienced daily by the children This prevents them from eating properly, doing sports and sometimes even getting around.

More than €60,000 was raised thanks to the public's participation! This beautiful sum will allow us to operate on 5 children with heart disease.

Digital challenge: repair a heart on Instagram

At the same time, for all those who could not make it to the event, Happy Culture offered to like a post on their Instagram account. For each like, €1 was donated to the children. Thanks to the communication of ambassador influencers, more than 20,000 likes were counted, allowing the financing of 2 additional little hearts.

5 + 2 = 7 children saved thanks to this unique and original operation!

Many thanks to Happy Culture for their generosity, to the ambassadors who gave their precious time for the children, and to the public who participated in the challenge.

Photos: © Antoine Flament

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