Moïse's welcome, a beautiful life lesson for the whole family!

Fostering a child is a big adjustment for our volunteer foster families. They all agree that children bring a lot to them, more than they bring to the children. This is the case of Nadège and her children Camille (19 years old), Alice (16 years old) and Maria (9 years old), who received little Moïse in their home for 2 months. At the age of 5, this little Burkinabé was for them a beautiful example of courage and wisdom.

On November 20th, 5-year-old Moïse landed at Nantes airport after a 5-hour flight from Burkina Faso, where he is from. Despite the language barrier, he quickly put his shyness aside to smile at the 4 foreigners who had come to pick him up and who were going to become his host family.

This stay in France is synonymous with a new life for Moïse, who came to have his tetralogy of Fallot operated on at the Nantes University Hospital. After numerous medical examinations, which the little boy passed without any reluctance, he was successfully operated on two weeks after his arrival. Throughout his stay at the hospital, Moïse never ceased to impress his host family with his strength and courage.


"I was naturally very worried about Moïse during the operation. This picture of him as a doctor is important and symbolic for me. He is a little boy who has always kept his anxieties in check. He was very small. He was 5 years old but he looked 3, and yet he had an incredible mind! At the time this picture was taken, he had just been operated on but was not yet standing. Since he was very young he had been undergoing medical tests for his heart, so I interpreted his pride and mischievous look on the picture as a thumbnail. As if he was saying to me: You don't have to worry about me, I'm getting better and I can even take on the role of the doctor now! »

Nadège, Moses' foster mother


Once back on his feet, Moïse was able to return to his host family on December 23rd, just in time to celebrate Christmas! This was followed by several weeks of convalescence during which Moïse showed a real thirst for learning. He began to speak French, discovered the sea, and had a great time with his brothers and sisters at heart. Especially with Maria, the youngest daughter of the family, with whom he developed very strong bonds.

After a final positive post-operative consultation, the time has come for Moïse to go back home to Burkina Faso.

"At the moment of departure, thanks to him, I didn't shed a tear. He was prepared to leave and understood the situation very well. He even reassured me! »

Nadège and her children have wonderful memories of this welcome. This little 5 year old will have brought them a beautiful lesson of life.

And as Nadège would say: "Happiness must splash, we might as well share it! »

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