"À Coeur Joie", the project of a family from Bordeaux to save Lucas

At the beginning of 2021, Clémence, Arnaud and their three children - Mathilde, Louis and Amaia - embarked on the great adventure of welcoming a child with a heart condition. But even if it means taking in a little heart, why not finance his operation as well? That's how they opened a fundraising page with the aim of raising €12,000.

By naming their project "À Cœur Joie" the tone was set by the De la Ville family. For several months they doubled their energy, good mood and dynamism on social networks to mobilize their entourage and make their online fundraiser. They finally reached their goal: to raise €12,000 to finance the operation of a child with heart disease.

The impatience of the whole family began to build up when we told them that they would soon be receiving Lucas, a one-and-a-half year old Cameroonian boy with ventricular septal defect, at home in Bordeaux. They counted the days until Tuesday, January 5th, 2021, the date of Lucas' arrival. Successfully operated the following week at Haut-Levêque Hospital of Bordeaux, the whole family marvelled at his progress after the intervention: "He eats by himself, helps to dress, makes puppets, says a few words, sends kisses and gives wonderful hugs! »

Lucas will soon return to Cameroon to join his family, but he will no doubt still have a little bit of his foster care in his heart. As for them, what they will remember from this wonderful experience is "The happiness of sharing this wonderful adventure with our family, the joy and laughter that Lucas brought to our house every day, as well as the generosity of our families and friends to make our projectcome to life. »

The fundraiser "À Cœur Joie " has largely exceeded its first objective, with over €18,000 on the clock! Our little finger tells us that the De la Ville family is not going to stop there and will continue on their way to try to save a second little heart...

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