Training 5/5: launch of the Advanced Program!

The "5/5 Training" of Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque is an application that allows all doctors (cardiologists, paediatricians, general practitioners, etc.) throughout the world to receive free training in cardiopediatrics to enable better management of children with heart disease. Given the success of the application, and in the continuity of the Global Program and the Expert Program, we are launching the Advanced Program at the beginning of this year.

The 5/5 mobile-learning training allows doctors to avoid having to travel. They have the opportunity to train where they want, when they want, and thus devote more time to their patients. The interest of the system is also tooffer children the possibility of being diagnosed in isolated areas, saving them long and costly trips to the city and allowing them to be diagnosed more quickly.

The Global Programme

In March 2020, thanks to the support of our sponsor the Boston Scientific Foundation, we launched the "5/5 Training" application and its "Global Program" composed of 17 training courses: general courses, echocardiography and major congenital heart diseases. Each course is composed of 5 modules, short videos with the physician trainers, quizzes, review sheets and a toolbox. This provides a solid base of knowledge in pediatric cardiology.

With the appointment of physician "ambassadors" and a system of mentoring, the number of learners has grown rapidly to over 300 physicians in application training by the end of 2020.


The Expert Program

8 months after the launch of the Global Program, we felt it was necessary to offer more content and further training for all physicians who had already successfully completed the first phase of learning. This is why we created the Expert Program, launched in November on the application.

It consists of a series of practical cases, presented in video by Pr Francine Leca. This "Case by Case" study phase confronts learners with concrete cases of congenital heart disease encountered at the Association. It allows them to test their knowledge and make a critical analysis of it, both from a therapeutic and diagnostic point of view.

Thanks to our faithful partner. Abbott who funded this program.


The Advanced Program

In order to allow the most motivated to perfect their training, we have just launched in January 2021 "The Advanced Program". More technical than the two previous ones, it is aimed at learners wishing to go into more detail in the training, as well as at cardiopediatricians who are already experienced.

It comprises 14 courses including in-depth courses on complex heart disease, treatment and monitoring of congenital heart disease, drug treatment and surgical repair techniques.

This level was also funded through the Boston Scientific Foundation, which believed in our project and continues to support it.


What's next?

We aim to train a total of 500 doctors on the application by 2021 using this innovative solution. We also wish to open the 5/5 Training to other countries, again thanks to the system of ambassadors and sponsorship.

The challenges for this year are therefore numerous: we must encourage new physicians to train in cardiopediatrics, while keeping active those who have begun training but have not yet completed it.

For this we base ourselves on a plan of animation of our community with a qualitative and personalized follow-up for each learner.

They formed...

"It's really an original didactic training that is simple, practical and complete, which allows us to revise well.

Our evacuation reports will be much improved with this training on some which we were neglecting because we often ran to the cardiac echo before...

Thanks again to Professor Leca and his team who once again bring us enormous support in the care of children. »

Doctor Ibrahim HOUMED ABOUBAKER, cardiologist in Djibouti

Continuous training has always been our dream, with our working conditions as as a general practitioner in an isolated environment.

Cardiology specialists are almost non-existent, we are called upon to follow some cardiopathic patients with a lot of insufficiencies. Often limited, we don't even know what to do!

This training remains an opportunity for me, thank you very much.

Doctor Patient MUKOLA, general practitioner in North Kivu, a landlocked region in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

I would like to thank you very much for this course. I learned a lot and it has especially changed my attitude to the care of my patients at the clinic.

Doctor Claude-Abner PUBIEN, pediatrician in Cayes, in the South of Haiti

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