Move your body, move your heart to the Heart Zumba!

On Friday 29th June 2018, the Rhénus Sport in Strasbourg vibrated to the rhythm of the zumba, during the first edition of the Zumba du Coeur, the largest solidarity event in the region. Full house! More than 1300 people wiggled their hips to the rhythm of the wildest rhythms and saved two children with heart attacks!

A frenzied show led by 30 volunteer instructors


Christelle Hecht and Mélanie Jaeg accompanied by 30 volunteer instructors from all over France set the rhythm of the choreographies during the 2h30 show. Magic moment of the evening: Christelle Hecht giving a cheque to Professor Francine Leca, founder of the association that operated on Christelle as a child. The reunion between the two women galvanized the Rhénus Sport and launched the "go" of the evening in an atmosphere of madness. The key words of this exceptional evening: dance, party and solidarity!

A gathering for a good cause


More than 1300 people, adults and children, responded last Friday to the call to gMécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque ather in the mythical hall of the Rhénus Sport in Strasbourg. Thanks to the commitment of the participants, our sponsor Pierre-Hugues Herbert and our partners, more than €24,000 was raised, double the initial objective. These funds will allow the financing of the operation of 2 children suffering from cardiac malformations (cost of medical expenses, intervention, resuscitation and convalescence) at the CHRU of Strasbourg.

Two of the children who were operated on were present


Ange, 5 years old and Christian, 5 years old, operated in May and June at the CHRU of Strasbourg were able to take part in the incredible solidarity evening alongside the participants and the instructors. Welcomed by volunteer host families, they will leave for Côte d'Ivoire during the summer in great shape. Like Ange and Christian, two other little hearts will be saved thanks to the Zumba of the Heart.

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