It was on their last family vacation that Anne-Sophie, Olivier and their three children: Leonard, 20 years old, Marie, 18 years old and Simon, 16 years old, decides to embark on the extraordinary family project to take in a kid with a heart condition.


That's how they met Nadia, an adorable 14-month-old Nigerian girl who arrived on April 10, 2018. It is after the pre-operative consultation of the little girl with Professor Francine Leca, that Anne-Sophie and Olivier were kind enough to testify about their incredible experience. They tell, with emotion, about Nadia's arrival in the family: "She acclimatized very quickly, we didn't think we would get attached so quickly". "It's very nice for the family to share such strong feelings, it's a very cheerful and rich family project, we're all crazy about her! "says Olivier Ducass.

"We didn't think we'd get attached so quickly."

On May 10th, Nadia was successfully operated on her Common Arterial Trunk. She was the happiness of her host family until her return to Niger in July 2018. 

"What we want most of all is for her to come home feeling great."

Enabling children with heart defects to come to France for surgery: this
is the raison d'être and the main mission of Mécénat Chirurgie.

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